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Early designer models

As the telephone market matured, more telephones appeared that began to erode the predominance of "one size fits all" products. Here we present our range of original designer telephones, which have been restored to full working order. These phones will work in virtually every country, and in many cases - if you let us know beforehand - we can make sure the telephone is delivered with the correct plug for your telephone network. All telephones have a 12 month guarantee. We also offer a full repair service.

Ericofone Dial
With the minaturisation of components, the advent of designer phones became possible. The first designer and first ever one piece telephone was designed by Ralph Lysell and Hugo Blomberg. Production of the Ericofone started in 1957. Various colours available. The dial is on the under side.
   £ 69.00

Danish designer phone designed by Henning Andreasen for GNT in 1980.
   £ 39.00

Also known from its shape as the "Pancake Phone." Produced in America in the 1970s, it was released in England as one of the first designer phones and the last BT telephone with a dial.
   £ 39.00

Trimphone dial
Designed for the GPO in 1966 by Martin Rowlands. Famous for its much imitated electronic ringer. Available colours, two tone blue, green, or ivory.
   £ 39.00

Manufactured in America in the late 1970s, well-loved for its flowing lines. This comes in a variety of colours.
   £ 39.00

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