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Picnic Blanket

 Blanket with Nylon Cover Bag and Shoulder Strap  Water Resistant with a Green Nylon Backing  Extra Nylon Bag-in Green, Blue or Black  Can be fitted to Backpack  Size 122 x 142 cm  Colour-Blackwatch Tartan
 Blanket can be strapped as an accessory to the Picnic Backpack

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£ 25.00
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£ 36.00
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Outdoor Leisure Rug

 100% pure wool rug (125 x 150 cm)  Quilted nylon water resistant backing  Folds into convenient carry bag  Machine washable (40°C)  Available in Blackwatch (green) or Lindsay (Burgundy) tartan


Picnic Sports Blanket

 Blanket with hood, also usable as a cushion  Water Resistant with a Nylon Backing  Size 120 x 135 cm  Colour- Blue or Green

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£ 29.50
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