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The game of chess is thought to have originated in what is now northern India or Afganistan sometime before 6OO AD: the oldest written references to chess date from then, but there are unverified claims that chess existed as early as 100 AD. Interest in chess followed early trade routes out of India. One variation of chess (called Shogi) is now popular in Japan; another variation is played in China. Many local variations in chess rules persist even today in isolated rural areas, for example in India. The variation familiar to Europeans and Americans travelled through Iran (Persia) to the main commercial centers of Italy and Spain by about 1000 AD. By 1100-1200 AD, the game became known in central Europe, and was well-established across all of Europe by 1400 AD, with the game rules which we use today. Russia's dominance of chess is recent, dating from the communist revolution of 1917, after which government schools for talented chess players were established. The modern design of chess pieces, such as those shown on this page, bear the name Staunton, who was an English master in the mid-1800s. Chess pieces made in the Staunton style are now used in all tournaments worldwide. SAC is a British manufacturer of high-quality chess sets, and we are pleased to offer their range of traditional wooden chess pieces. Please note: We sell our chess boards seperately - for advice on choosing an appropriate board, call us now on UK freephone 0800 01 888844.
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£ 172.00
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  • Hand finished by craftsmen using the best materials
  • Chess-pieces individually weighted
  • Attractive box included

The Ultimate Staunton Style Chess Set
As the name suggests, this is the ultimate Staunton style chess set. Constructed from blemish free solid black ebony with an opposing side of uniquely beautiful white boxwood each piece is completely hand crafted, triple weighted and fitted with genuine leather base pads. The King height of 4" gives a regal appearance to the set which is supplied with a specially fitted jewel box which has suede and satin lined trays. A rare set, made even more so by the restrictions applied to the use of ebony, it will grace the finest home, coveted by the most fastidious enthusiast. Click the images on the left to enlarge. Ref B250, King Height 4"
  £ 364.00

Russian Staunton Style Chess Set
Arguably amongst the most elegant of Staunton Style chess men, the traditional Russian style is an enthusiast's dream. Completely hand crafted in rosewood with the opposing side in high grade white boxwood each piece is triple weighted and fitted with leather pads to the base. The King height is 3¾" and all the pieces, including the set's trademark Knight, with its stately arched neck. A real leather jewel type case with lockable solid brass fastener is supplied to hold the set when not in use or on display. Ref B260, King Height 3¾"
  £ 192.00

Deluxe Wood Staunton Style Chess Set
Triple weighted and felted, this is one of our highest quality Staunton style chess sets. Dark side is solid Black Ebony and contrasting white side is pure Whitewood. Supplied in superb wooden presentation box. Ref B215-TW, King Height 3¾"/9.5cm
  £ 261.00

Deluxe Wood Staunton Style Chess Set
Classic double weighted Rosewood chess set in traditional Staunton style. Pieces made from Rosewood and Whitewood and supplied in superb wooden presentation box. Ref B215-RW, King Height 3¾"/9.5cm
  £ 172.00

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