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Exclusive "Chatsworth" Razors & Shaving Brushes
from Edwin Jagger's Prestige Collection

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Welcome to the Prestige Collection of exquisite shaving products from Edwin Jagger. Edwin Jagger's international reputation for expert design and manufacture gives you the opportunity to experience the rarity of elegance and perfection. These exclusive shaving products are designed and manufactured in Sheffield, England. They combine imagination, the skill of craftsmen and technology to create a unique collection of razors and shaving accessories. We have assessed the whole Edwin Jagger range, and present below what we believe are the absolute best products in their range. Buying replacement blades is easy: our Edwin Jagger razors are compatible not only with traditional flat safety blades, but also modern with the latest Gillette® Mach 3®/Gillette® Mach 3 Turbo® razor blades.

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ONLY £59.00
  • Edwin Jagger's Prestige Collection
  • Hand-made using traditional processes, finished in high-quality hard chrome
  • Use traditional flat safety blades, or modern standard Gillette razor blades

The classic razor from the Chatsworth shaving accessories range. Handmade and chrome-plated in a smooth finish, this is Edwin Jagger's finest razor. Options: available with either the traditional safety blade head, or the Gillette® Mach3® razor fitting.
enlarge image
only:   £ 59.00

SUPER BADGER (as shown on the image of the Chatsworth 3-Piece Set, below) is a very high quality grade of badger hair, only used in hand filled brushes. BEST BADGER: (as shown on the left) is a good quality of pure badger hair, machine graded for machine filled brushes. It is normally regarded as the benchmark standard of shaving brush manufacturers.
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from only:  £ 49.95

Our 3-Piece Chatsworth set comprises a razor, brush and stylish shaving stand. This set can be purchased with all the razor and brush options described above.
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from only:  £ 159.95

Our 2-Piece Chatsworth set comprises the Chatsworth razor (Gillette® Mach3® version only) and a classic cone-shaped stand. Ideal for the shaver who doesn't use a shaving brush.
enlarge image
only:  £ 85.00

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