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Restaurant-style Kitchen Knives, Sabatier Fully Forged Cook's Knives.

Kitchen Knives used in professional kitchens are different from the poor selections generally available to the public ...

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If you wish to create restaurant quality foot at home, you will need to need to use the similar techniques, and this also usually means using similar equipment. Domestic knives are often sold in sets that simply offer different-sized knives that are not really suited to serious food preparation. Here we present our range of knives that are used by proessfional chefs. You may recognise the name Sabatier, but do not be fooled - these are not the Sabatier knives you will often see for purchase. These are the knives that are generally supplied to professional kitchens rather than members of the public. These knives are so good, they have the potential to last a lifetime if looked after properly. The dimensions shown below are the blade lengths (not including the handles). We have ranked our knife range on this page in terms of importance. Top of the list is the Chef's Knife (called a "Cuisine" in French), as almost all domestic kitchens do not have an adequate large knife for cutting vegetables, meat, carving etc. Almost all domestic chef's knives have only 200mm blades as a maximum, which are simply too short to cut properly, or get a good rythym going for chopping vegetables. Our 250mm bladed knife will make a big difference to most kitchns, whereas the 300mm knife is a real "game changer" for the average amateur chef. Warning: Contrary to most people's assumption, Sabatier is not a trade mark - these knives are genuine high-quality French-made Sabatier knives.

  • Professional Kitchen Knives
  • Dishwasher Proof
  • Extremely long durable and lasting
  • Authentic French Sabatier
  • Ideal Gift!

CUISINE (Chef's knife)
The Cuisine, or Chef's/Cooks's knife is probably the professional chef's most important knife, and probably the most widely misunderstood also. Almost every domestic kitchen has one of these, but in 99% of cases they are simply TOO SHORT! In the world of Chef's knives, size does matter. Blade lengths: 250mm and 300mm.enlarge image

  £ 49.00

OFFICE (Paring knife)
After the Chef's knife, the next most important knife is, in fact, the smallest. The Office knife is used for fine nimble work - things like slicing garlic, chopping a shallot, shaping carrots etc. Blade length 100mm. enlarge image

  £ 26.95

DEOSSER (Boning knife)
The blade of a boning knife is specially tempered to make it very hard so that it can withstand cuts into and knocks against hard ingredients, like bones. So, if you are cutting up a chicken, for example, this is the knife to use. Blade length 130mm. enlarge image

  £ 36.00

FILET SOLE (Filleting knife)
The filleting knife is used for fish. The blade is thin and, in contrast to the other knives, very bendy, which makes filleting much easier.enlarge image

  £ 34.95

FUSIL BOUCHER (Sharpening Steel)
As in the case of the Chef's knife above, sharpening steels in domestic kitchens are almost always too short (usually 200mm). Professional chef's use steels that have a 300mm steel, and this makes the world of a difference. enlarge image

  £ 54.00

COUPERET (Chopper)
The Chopper, like the Boning knife above, is made from specially-hardened stainless steel. This knife has many uses - use it to remove the ends of chicken legs before cooking as the rsult looks far more professional. enlarge image

  £ 39.00

BAIONETTE (Chef's fork)
Ideal for moving food too and from the pan, and for serving.enlarge image

  £ 44.95


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