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Chinoise, Fine Conical Strainer Sieve for making sauces

The Chinois, for making typical French sauces ...
turns "gravy" into a professional sauce!

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A chinois (sometimes called a chinoise) is a conical sieve with an extremely fine mesh. It is used to strain sauces and soups, producing a very smooth texture. It can also be used to strain custards or purees, and even for dusting pastry with a fine layer of powdered sugar. The name chinois comes from the French adjective meaning Chinese. The reason why a good Chinois is not inexpensive is that to get the perfect sauce, you really do need a very fine precision mesh is going to last. But why do you need one, you might ask? Well, the next time you make your gravy to for your Sunday roast, just pass it through this chinois before pouring it into the gravy boat - and watch your family's reaction when they pour it onto their plate! As you learn to make the most of your chinois, you will understand that you really do need this utensil for making a whole variety of professional dishes, not just the best gravy on your roast!
ONLY £69.95

20cm Stainless Steel Professional Chinois   

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The most important part of the Chinois is the mesh. When you receive your chinois from us, you will notice when you take a closer look at the mesh that it is no ordinary wire gauze, but a precision weave of stainless steel wire that enables extremely fine straining, and provides surprising strength too. This strength is needed, not only to ensure that the chinois is long lasting, but also because it needs to be able to withstand the dabbing up and down of a wooden spoon, which chefs do to make sure the flavour-containing remnents of your sauce pass through the mesh at the end of straining.

A good chinois will last you for many years, and that is why, if you are investing in such a brilliant "game-changer" for your cooking skills, it is worth making sure that your Chinois is made from stainless steel throughout. Cheaper versions are made from tin, or are a combination of stainless steel and tin. Ours is made from 100% stainless steel so will never rust. Our chinois also includes a convenient hook at the top, which enables you to support the chinois on the top rim of taller saucepans. A hole is provided at the end of the handle as the chinois is usually hung up.

Like many of the top suppliers to professional kitchens and restaurants, GOBEL is a French company that has been manufacturing professional cooking equipment for over a century - Gobel has been manufacturing cooking equipment for over five generations. This long history is without doubt a guarantee of great know-how and irreplaceable experience.
Chinois Features:
  • Top Quality Professional Chinois
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Professional standard 20cm diameter
  • Satisfaction

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