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Restaurant-style Roasting Pans, De Buyer

Classic French Roasting Pans as used in
professional kitchens!

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If you wish to create restaurant quality foot at home, you will need to need to use the similar techniques, and this also usually means using similar equipment. Many people who look closely at a professional kitchen for the first time are surprised that the equipment used in them is often so much better than equipment generally on sale to members of the public. The roasting pasn shown here are perfect for browning meat and vegetables and adding liquid to the caramelised residue to make sauces. There are traditional French roasting pans, designed to last a lifetime (yes, really).

  • Professional Roasting Pans
  • Dishwasher Proof
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Authentic French Designs
  • Ideal for both Domestic & Commercial use!

This thick-walled professional aluminium (4mm) roasting pan is the most widespread of the types used in commercial kitchens. Stainless steel handles. Two sizes available. The overall length (ie including handles) of the 35cm pan is 41cm, and the overall length of the 40cm pan is 46cm. The weight of the 35cm pan is 2.1Kg, and the weight of the 40cm pan is 3.1Kg. The heights given do not include the handles. enlarge image

  £ 88.00

Top quality all-stainless steel professional roasting pas, 2mm thick walls ensure that this pan will not distort. Welded stainless steel handles. Magnetic sandwich bottom. Optimal heat spreading across the bottom of the pan. Available in 2 sizes. The overall length (ie including handles) of the 35cm pan is 38cm, and the overall length of the 40cm pan is 43cm. The weight of the 35cm pan is 3Kg, and the weight of the 40cm pan is 3.6Kg. The heights given do not include the handles. enlarge image

  £ 159.00

De Buyer's top-of-the-range roasting pan (40cm x 30cm x 8cm).
more info

  £ 212.00


How are these pans typically used?
These pans ensure you can make the best gravy sauce by taking advantage of the roasting juices. Often the piece of meat, whether a chicken, duck or joint beef etc, if first browned on the outside on the top of the cooker, by heating directly from underneath. The pans is then placed in the oven to finish cooking. When your roast is about 20 minutes from being cooked, remove the roasting pan from the oven and add chopped onion, chopped carrot and chopped celery, and return the roasting pan to the oven. Remove the meat when it is cooked and keep warm. Continue to roast the remaining contents of the roasting pan until they have browned and caramelized in the meat juices. Remove the roasting pan from the oven and pour away any oil in the pan. Heat the roasting pan from underneath on the top of the cooker. Deglaze by adding some wine (red or white) - with a wooden spoon, make sure all the caramelized residue is disolved (the inside of the roasting pan will now appear clean, without any stuck-on bits, which means the full flavour has been transferred to the sauce, and also means that cleaning afterwards will be much easier!). Add water (and stock, though normally not necessary). Add a bay leaf and thyme and simmer gently. Strain the contents of the roasting pan through a chinois, and gently simmer the resulting liquid in a saucepan to let it reduce (this is now a good time to clean the roasting pan - it will come up spotless with the minimum of effort!). Using a desert spoon, spoon-off any oil/fat from the surface of the simmering sauce. Bind the sauce if a thicker gravy is preferred, using flour, butter, or crème fraîche etc. Season with salt and pepper if necessary.

Like many of the top suppliers to professional kitchens and restaurants, De Buyer is a French company that has been manufacturing professional cooking equipment for over a century - De Buyer has been manufacturing cooking equipment since 1830. This long history is without doubt a guarantee of great know-how and irreplaceable experience.

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